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About Us

Orthopedic Surgery in Buffalo, North Tonawanda, & Niagara Falls, NY 

At Western NY Orthopedics, patients come first. Dr. Nenno has built his reputation on providing excellent care in a compassionate manner. His goal, which is shared by all of us at Western NY Orthopedics, is to address the cause of your pain as quickly as possible so you can return to your normal activities pain-free.

We place a heavy emphasis on seeing patients who come to us for help as soon as possible. While we cannot always offer same-day or next-day appointments, since we see the patients in the most severe pain first, we will make every effort to see you as quickly as we can. The sooner we see you and determine the cause of your joint pain, the sooner we will be able to recommend a treatment plan and put it into effect.
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If you are experiencing pain in your joints, including hips, knees, and shoulders, we urge you to call us to schedule an appointment today. Dr. Nenno offers options in surgery, physical therapy, and alternate routes. He is also an emergency room doctor who can help you if your situation needs immediate care. It is possible to find the source of your pain and take steps to mitigate it or even eliminate it entirely. Call (716) 262-9820 today to schedule your appointment.

Our doctors offer 24-Hour Emergency Room services, call anytime day or night!

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